Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Solange Knowles

..Will appear on Oprah tomorrow.

Oprah will interview Chris Rock on his new documentary "Good Hair" and Solange will appear because she recently decided to wear her own hair.

Funny - her music isn't good enough to entertain Oprah but Oprah is interested in understanding the reason why Solange decided to stop wearing wigs?

Spare me...

Here's a picture of a pregnant Solange sporting a short hair cut:

Here's a picture of Solange Knowles and Orlando Jones. Someone recently suggested that this might be Solange's biological father.



  1. *Chris ROCK (not Brown) on the Good Hair doc. :D

  2. Man they do look a lot alike but I dont think it is her father. I dont think Orlando was that old in 1986 unless Tina is some kind of child perv LMAO

  3. lol @ 6:16 PM

    Maybe that is Solange older brother. Tina Knowles be telling fibs.

    Orlando might be Tina Knowles biological brother. They look too much alike.

    Solange is bald and she didn't cut off her hair. She wore WIGS and recently decided to stop wearing her WIGS.

  4. @ 5:47 Im telling you there is no relation between him and solonge or Tina that notion is crazy. Cause Tina would have had to birth Orlando when she was only 12 or 13 and hes just not old enough to be her dad and too old to be her brother.Besides Lando to good of a person to be related to these lying ass nuts.

  5. Orlando Jones would have been 18 in 1986. That's hell of old enough to get cougar-molested by Tina Knowles, lol.