Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LL Cool J

...has a role on the new television show "NCIS: Los Angeles". The producers of this CBS crime series hired LL Cool J to play the role of "Sam Hanna", a naval investigator.

Here's what LL Cool J had to say about his upcoming television role:

" . . . He's a former Navy SEAL, so I met with guys down at Camp Pendleton. . . . One of the guys that I was studying with was a [Marine Corps master gunnery sergeant]. He's also an Afghanistan and Iraq vet [like the Sam Hanna character]. There's a certain level of responsibility [to playing a vet]. Obviously, what I want to give America and the rest of the world the opportunity to do is forget about their troubles, take an hour and just relax and have some fun, but that being said, it's nice to represent, you know."

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