Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The rapper is featured in the new issue of NME. During his interview with "Ian Brown", he reveals that the "Blueprint 3" album was originated in "Manchester".

According to Jay-Z:

..Kanye West flew to Manchester in December of 2007, to give him the beats for this CD.

" That was the night 'The Blueprint 3' started...Kanye flew to Manchester to give me the beats. He gave me 10 tracks, already sequenced, like, 'Here's the album, just rap on it'. Literally, 'This is the album start, it should come on like this, and end like this'. I'm like, 'Heeey, let me have a say-so in this! A couple of them stayed on the album, laid the foundation. That was the night when 'The Blueprint 3' was born. That was the seed."

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