Monday, September 21, 2009


“I try and work out four times a week - cardio, weights, push ups, pull ups -but I haven’t for a month because of vacation and touring. Chris hasn’t tried to get me to do yoga yet but I am close to doing it. I’m envious of what he can do on stage. Watching him is amazing, he can really move. I want to be able to move like that, get my leg behind my ear, things like that.” Quoting: Jay-Z

Last Friday, Jay-Z joined Coldplay on stage at Wembley. As Chris was seated at his piano, Jay-Z appeared and managed to tackle him to the floor - playfully.

Everyone thought that it was strange for Jay-Z to grab Chris away from the piano right in the middle of his set.

Many website are reporting that Chris and jay-Z rolled around a bit and Jay-Z gave Chris a hug before he resumed his position at the piano.

Now - What if Jay-Z surprised Kayne West, 50 cent or some other rapper and the two rolled around on the floor?

Mrs. Paltrow wasn't happy about this. Immediately following this concert, Chris was confronted by his wife.

It is safe to say that Jay-Z's friendship with Chris Martin has reached a higher level and Mrs. Paltrow isn't happy about this:


  1. Ewww!

    I almost threw up imagining this gangster rapper with his legs behind his back in a yoga style.

    Chris Martin does this on stage and Jay-Z thinks it's amazing. lol

    He had this type of reaction to all that booty shaking beyonce does but he sure think chris dance move are amazing. lol

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