Monday, September 7, 2009

Beyonce Knowles

Scheduled performance on October 31st in Addis Ababa is cancelled.

Various websites are reporting that the negotiations have fallen apart due to a disagreement over live broadcasting rights of this scheduled event.

It's been reported that Beyonce’s manager agreed to a live broadcasting of only five songs from two-hour performance. In addition, he agreed to a performance fee of one million dollars and to receive an additional 150,000 dollars to charter an aircraft for close to 90 members of her team.

During Beyonce's last performance in Addis (October 2007), she was paid 1.75 Million dollars and only one her songs was broadcast live.

The deal to bring her to Addis was negotiated between the singer’s management company, run by her father, Matthew Knowles and New Way Inc., a Virginia based company owned by Dereje Yesuwork (Jambi) and his partner Endalkachew Tekeste.

Inside sources are revealing that the negotiations fell apart due to an inability to settle on the cost of her overall performance package.

Matthew Knowles was unhappy to know that Beyonce was offered less to perform more of her songs, as opposed to her first appearance in Addis Ababa.


  1. Times are changing for Beyonce.

    They are now offering to pay her less so that she can perform more.

    I can't believe that this fool travels with 90 people.

  2. Beyonce calls the Jacksons working class but this idiot and other actors, singers, professional athles (etc) don't know they are working class. If Beyonce damange her legs or lost her vocal cords she wouldn't be able to pay a bill!This is how she makes her livihood! In sociology enteratiners like Beyonce fall under the "Primary Labor Market". Which means they work just at a different set rate. So Yes Beyonce even till this day is considered "working class."