Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Musical Selection:

Mase is slowly inching his way back into the Hip Hop arena.

Following the death of Michael Jackson, Mase made the following comment:

“Mike passed away and it just lit the fire in me – it made me go in the studio and do something. I’m excited...I asked my nephew, ‘Who is the hottest thing out there?’ and he said, ‘Drake!’ When I listened to his music I said, ‘I’m going to jump on this joint.’...I’ve got things up my sleeves, I just need someone to play them.”
Quoting: Mase

I wonder if this has anything to do with the random falls that has taken place with Drake. Man, i read a article recently that Drake is preparing for knee surgery.

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  1. Mase is suppose to be a "Pastor". Why is he talking about the death of Michael Jackson "lit the fire in me".

    A real pastor wouldn't dare utter this remark.

    Fire in me? It sounds as if Mase has a demon inside of him.