Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Boot: "Americana"

To commemorate its 20th anniversary, VILLA, an urban retailer of footwear in Philadelphia, has collaborated with rapper Jay-Z and Udi Avshalom of Training Camp NYC to deliver the limited edition "Americana" boot. The oil tan Bison leather boots with a crepe-sole and Goodyear welt construction are being made at the Cove Shoe Co. in Martinsburg, Blair County, a division of H.H. Brown Shoe Co.

It has been reported that only 54 pairs will be made, and they will come in two colors, brown and black. The Americana comes in whole sizes only and will be released on Sept. 15, retailing for $200.

Beginning the second week of September, Jay-Z will release a new CD, a book and these boots. Udi Avshalom is also responsible for creating a line of "climber" boots for the "Roc" shoe department.


  1. I bet Jay-Z is trying to tell us that he's dominican.


  2. He's a greedy son of a ....!

  3. I don't think no one will buy them (too plain looking)

    remmeber Kanye came out with some sneakers and I never seen anyone wear them

  4. @ 2:48 PM

    Those sneakers Kayne West came out with sold out but no one is wearing them. They are really expensive.

    Jay-Z is seeking to remain on the forbes list. As a result, he's dropping everything that he gets a percentage off in sales within two weeks.

    This always happens during the second week of september.

  5. These are some ugly ass rubber duckies.

    Who will spend $200 on these just because Jay-Z is wearing them?

  6. Jay-Z has confirmed his hopes to release a series of three books: one memoir, one business book and one about the meanings behind his lyrics, which will come out first. No book deal has been signed for the former two, but during an interview with V103/Atlanta, Jay told deejay Ryan Cameron about the latter. "Well it’s not done, the other two books, it hasn’t kicked in yet, I haven’t signed that deal," Jay said about his rumored three-book contract. "But I’ve done a deal to do a book and the name of it is Decoded. It’s called Decoded because I’m going to decode all the lyrics from my records. I’m gonna pick the select ones, you know all the double entendres and things that people may have missed or may have gotten and want confirmation on it."

    double entendre [doo‐blahn‐tahndr], a French phrase for ‘double meaning’, adopted in English to denote a pun in which a word or phrase has a second, usually sexual, meaning.

    jay-z is focused on remaining on the forbes list. he's using his name is market products. he will get a percentage off the profits and a upfront signing bonus ( advance cash ).

    he was married on September 4th. The first two weeks of september have always been important to him.

    this is the only time that he releasing products that he markets.

    indirect marketing - sneakers, boots, etc.
    direct marketing - cd, books, dvd