Monday, April 18, 2011

Truths Revealed

Posted on a random message board, a former employer at Columbia Records has revealed that Solange Knowles is Beyonce's biological daughter (not sister). And that Ben Vereen is Usher biological father not Godfather. As the saying goes, don't question the messenger...accept the truth for what it is:

so as i was saying beyonce's precise birthdate is 9/4/1974.
i saw a picture of her driver's license that was on my manager's computer
once dont ask how. beyonce and solange are both teenage mothers, i do not know the paternity of solange but me and a few other colleagues of mine assume it is matthew (yuck!). it is extremely disturbing if this is the case. however, i have also heard unfounded silly whispers that matthew is not beyonce's biological dad and that beyonce is his adopted/step-daughter and he married tina when she was 4 months pregnant. this rumor is unfounded though, i just stick with info. that is more credible, legitimate, and something i have proven firsthand by a close source. i am a skeptic by nature so it is rare that i adhere to the gossip/tea nonsense...everyone except letoya in the original destinys child had their ages rigged (latavia, kelly, and beyonce are all in their mid30s) before destinys child was even created, girls tyme was a new jack swing/hip hop R&B group starring beyonce as a young girl in the mid-1980s NOT mid 1990s. just look at one of the members birthdays, google or wiki nikki taylor she was a member of girls tyme and she is born in 1975. so youre going to tell me that someone who in 1993 was 18 years old was dancing with 11 year olds....somethings not right with that. and also, beyonce and destinys child has gone on record stating how disappointed they were that they did not win the competition while ed mcmahon was a host. ed mcmahon was not a host of star search in 1992/1993. he was a host in the 80s. notice how if you research when girls tyme appeared on star search there are random edited years of 1992, 1993, 1994 but the only consistent one is 1983. just check how many times the wikipedia page entry got changed....i dare a stan to prove me otherwise yall shitting on the tea, if you dont want to your tongue burned then leave. i dont understand why its so difficult to believe that beyonce is doing this. i aint judging the girl i love beyonce and i am a fan. but look if theres anything i learned by working at columbia for 4 years its that you dont put shit past anyone. why stan and defend blindly someone that does not even know you exist. stans need to come correct. there is no need to refute any gossip said about her or say what i have is not tea. many people are checking for it clearly so if you dont have anything to offer then get to stepping. you cant even blame this on beyonce haters because i love beyonce and i think she is one of the greatest perfomers to ever grace the music business. but that doesnt take away from the fact that she is also an excellent liar...i have so much info. but the shit i learned last week about solange being beyonce's daughter and bee being a grandma! that takes the cake. if you have any more specifics, please ask direct questions on the thread. i think i have proven the point that beyonce is not 29 and is 36. i dont want to continue ranting so ask direct q's and i will answer them if i know specifics...why is it so impossible for beyonce to be 36? why is it complete b/s for her to be 36? this girl went to the michael jackson victory tour in 1984. who takes their 3 year old child to a mj tour? i understand you are going by "official" records that say her birth year is 1981. but look at it this way: if a science textbook says the sky is blue, then if one day you go outside and the sky is gray does that mean that the sky is bullshit and unreliable and someone just took a sharpie and colored the sky gray? no, this may be a wacky example, but i hope you get my drift. i am just trying to enlighten some folks as to what i have been informed. you claim its bullshit but you cant help yourself from reading it i said before pictures are doctored in order to support her family's lies... it is quite strange that photos are doctored in this manner and this tea about her age her cousin as well as my supervisor told me...i have bits and pieces of tea on other artists but they are all word-of-mouth and not confirmed things. apparently jay z's mother gloria is a lesbian and mariah carey was a call girl and that is how she met tommy mottola. as you can see i have heard many crazy things while working at columbia for four years. the beyonce stuff a close relative of hers told me so i am more prone to believe that. i am not 100% confident about my tea, but it is more of a 80/20 for me. bee's cousin told me beyonce's daughter is solange and she said it to me in confidence after the topic of teenage pregnancies came up. she is not the sarcastic type either so i doubt she would make something up that is so scandalous about her own cousin. she even scoffed that is why juju (thats what she calls beyonce) has always had those child-bearing hips...dont know if the mariah stuff is true, the only tea that is confirmed and legit is the beyonce tea i have. no, i do not know if kelly is beyonce's sister though i would not doubt it. she looks more like matthew then beyonce does...ok, i guess you are entitled to your own opinion. mark my words: one day the truth will be told. solange is 22 and beyonce is 36. that is a 14 year age difference. maybe if bee refrained from throwing shade at her cousin ang about her weight at that christmas party then maybe ang wouldnt be spilling secrets to staff members. other legit tea i have is that janet jackson and oprah dislike each other, mary j and keyshia cole have some sort of beef over god knows what, and ben vereen is usher's biological father. he found this out in the mid 90s.


  1. I'm not surprised!!! Beyonce is known to be a liar as much as her family and the rest of the industry!!! this hoe needs to sit down and give gay-z some camel babies and shut her trap!! she truly is a discrace, always shaking her ass tryna be a role model for black people!! pleaaassee we already have enough on our plates, being promoted as thugs,prostitutes and she surely aint helpin the situation!! SCUM BAG AND A HOE... HOE...

    1. Listen hear u dnt know what beyonce was going through back then so you cant go around judging people the only reason you might have a problem with this is because your a HOE HOE HOE HOE so dont be jealous about beyonce just because you cant get any but loke i said before stop being such a bitch so get a life and stop posting stuff u really cant back so like i said before your JUST MAD BECAUSE YOUR HOE HOE HOE

    2. Beyoncee does not give a damn about you! Over here making an ass out yourself over a damn stranger. And Beyonce to buy you got damn life and stay out of hers! But a brain stan o you can be able to think stupid bitch!

    3. Bitch you cant be talking your the one who is talking about oh how she is making the black people of today well bitch that may be your take on the situation but bitch you dont know shit because u wouldnt be talking shit know i bet you r just mad that u cant get any dick in your life so your jus finding something to pass the time so i dont want to hear anything u have to say BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

    4. Get yo are mad pressed hoe! Beyonce only uses black people for finacial gain. Get over dumb bitch! If you spent more energy in your own life instead of investing in a celebrity. Maybe you can accomplish something! Unil then shut the fuck up and get off of Bey's clit basic bitch! You responded back pressed ho!BIt's offcial Beyonce has the dumbest stans. A hood rat and a basic bitch just like your damn idol. Now, shut the fuck up and take your ass over to Beyonce's world and worship her there. Dumb fuck!

    5. look for my user name. And read please. I wanna know if im beyonces love child. Ive heard rumors. Would like to know for myself??

    6. Please tell me that your IQ is higher than the level of mental retardation? There are photos all over the net of Beyonce with her sister as a kid. There are videos of a pre-teen Beyonce singing with her little sister dancing in the background. You know what a pre-teen looks like right the little boobs that look like acorns growing in and chubby cheeks and skinny legs? There are home videos of Beyonce running around as a small toddler with her baby sister in tote, so how the hell is that her child? Do you just read negative sh*t and start preaching about "Black" people instead of using your tiny brain. Shut up and stop trying to speak for our entire race, because you don't even have common sense.

    7. You guys are fucking imbeciles, clearly the perfect examples of people that have nothing better to do in life. IN ANY PERSONS RIGHT MIND you wouldn't be sitting here bagging her for her actions and the consequences that she may not have been able to stop, (if what you dickheads are implying is true) she couldve have been raped but fuck me thats of course always a victims fault right? Its not about standing up for a stranger just so maybe you may get a little respect or attention from them because there famous.... Its about how disgusting this fucking world has become... Everyone thinks its ok to sit behind your fucking electronics and demand and spread nonsense because you have no lives. Celebrities have been placed on pedestal from there fans and because of that everyone feels like they have an image to uphold but really everyone is human... makes mistakes, helps one another and has and lives by morals. All of you that have bullied and posted disgusting things about beyonce (whom is still a person) with no factual evidence nor visual evidence can seriously go fuck themselves because YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF SHEEP... fucking followers... fucking hoessss... nuff said

  2. Back when the hate on beyonce blog was up and running. A poster always stated that Beyonce wasn't Matthew's biological father.

    It all makes sense now because if he was truly her father, she wouldn't fire her father.

    And why does Solange have fake hair added to her hair? She look like she was three years old in the picture.

    Beyonce and her entire family are apart of a clique and breeds (and most times inbreed) celebrity singers. You can only have children by a select member within the same clique.

    Usher's mother got pregnant by Vereen but later labeled him as his godfather? Ugh!

    1. um usher fired his why cant she fire her dad? Just wondering

    2. Well, that poster was telling the truth. Beyonce is definitely not matthew's biological father. Smh.

  3. Thanks youo anonymous... all this bull shit needs to be blasted once and 4 all!! so tired of thhis nasty hoe and devil worshippin husband with a lesbian mother tryna take over everything!! there are far better rappers,performers and singers than certainly can outdo these bitches!!! someone needs to slap some fukin relaity into these hypocrites!! hate beyonce and her nasty ass!!peace!

  4. Its so obvious to tell that she has fake hair in her head because the tip of Solange braids are burnt.

  5. hahaha... these bunch of peasents.. can someone please tell me why beyonce is fmaous again?? this hoe cant sing nor dance... damm cant wait for someone to blast her butt padded ass.. she will so be long gone and forgotten

    1. CANT SING NOR DANCE , dumbest cunt clearly wouldnt know music or dance if it bitch slapped you in the face you waste of space

  6. That's why she keeps copying and stealing from other people.

    GOD don't like evil people who plot against others.

    What Beyonce has done to other people, will come back to her in ten folds. Mock my words!

    1. Um it's mark my words....idiot

    2. actually is "mock"....since you're so adamant about correcting folks on social network....idiot!SMH

    3. So you want someone to mock you? Its mark not mock. Unless you are saying please make fun of me. Gladly, dumb ignorant shit.

    4. It is actually mock my word. The phrase means "I dare you to mock what I am saying... We'll see who laughs last" if you prefer.

  7. i so will wait for the day she gets pput on blast!! she used DC to get to where she is.. nasty pice of shit.. that's all she is.. bet you ne-yo is dissapointed in her actions... i find it very sad.. such a bad influece... no matter how much hits and 'adoring fans' she has... she will get wats coming to her..

  8. "this girl went to the michael jackson victory tour in 1984. who takes their 3 year old child to a mj tour?"

    And that explains the reason why the video clip of her dancing before the concert was cut short and fuzzy! If you have nothing to hide, why cut the video short? Why not show us additional video footage?


    I went to Foxy Brown's sister Arnelle's baby shower today, and I got to meet Inga aka Foxy Brown and we warmed up to each other and started clicking immediately. She actually isnt fully deaf as rumor has it though she does have a hearing aid in one ear. She was telling me how practically every female rapper in the game excluding Missy, Trina, Mc Lyte, and Latifa are Trinidadian. Lil Kim is, Remy is, Nicki Minaj is, and she is as well. I found that to be a coincidence. We both started talking about everything under the sun from lace-front weaves to whether Obama was going to win the re-election campaign. I was actually impressed with how articulate and worldly Foxy was. We both come from Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn and we immediately bonded on our memories of old-school Brooklyn circa 1990s.
    She told me of all the drama she had to deal with Jay and how he gave her gonnorhea that he transmitted from a tranny that kept calling and harassing her. She told me Jay and Larry Johnson were both fuck buddies and she said she has a sextape that Jay-Z signed her to multiple gag orders for where she, Jamie Foxx, and Jay-Z engage in a threesome. She said that back in 2001, someone robbed her house and stole certain belongings as well as the sex tape and she said she believed Jay-Z arranged the robbery. She said Jay-Z is a very discreet tranny chaser.

    From my hour-long conversation with Foxxy, she made her dislike for Beyonce very clear so much to the point that I feared bringing up her name. However, she told me of how Jay had a horse dick and how she lost her virginity to him at 15 and how he used to get clowned by the neighborhood women because of his looks and that is why he warmed up to her since she was young and naiive. She said Jay used to give her money to go shopping and get her hair/nails done while she was still in H.S. all to get in her pants.

  10. ^smh

    This maybe the reason why Solange career is at a stand still. It was before she got pregnant and had a quick marriage. Did she get pregnant to bring attention to her life and her son? The marriage to that guy didn't last at all. What was the real story behind that relationship? Was he related to Tina? And where is the guy that she married? How come he is rarely seen with their son? If that's really his son.

  11. I'm not a beyonce fan by any means but on Ed McMahon's wiki page it says that he hosted Star Search from 1983-1995. also I cant find anything on when Nikki Taylor was born. The only Nikki that keeps popping up the the sports illustrated swimsuit model who happens to have the same name. I do believe Beyonce is older than what she says but some of your info doesn't add up.

    1. you have to put in the name of the group after it i had to do the same thing and it comes up with all the girls names and birth years.

  12. ^ Poster @ 7:38AM

    Jay-Z's mother is a hermaphrodite. All that crap about Jay-Z's father running out on him was bullsh*t. There's a lot of incest taking place in hollywood especially in New York City and California.

    Jay-Z ran the streets to get street cred because his mother was a well known dyke. His grandmother too. They are a bunch of hermaphrodites. Jay-Z will never admit that he's gay because he like hermaphrodites (people born neither male or female). He always talk about people having his child or a child born stillborn. He was in a relationship with his cousin who gave birth to a child that died inside of her (stillborn). The fetus was badly deformed (incest).

    Dude is 'sick'. He never wear condoms and he's dying.

    1. Thats hypocritical, and i feel like your passing judgement on something you quite. Dont understand or just cant make sense of it. Ill explain in detail, if u can pass the word. Im 20, i live in iowa which is located in the Midwest, north of Texas. Im not looking to argue, only looking to be heard and answered. I know the meaning and understanding of the word hermaphrodite. Ive heard that im byonces love child. Im not sure if the rumours are true. But i do have some features of beyonce. But i believe why she kept me in hiding is because of my rare condition. Ive always struggled with feeling confident and excepted, low self-esteem, dispersion, eatting disorders. My appearance bothers me. I feel like im intersex or transgender. I have a womens physical appearance, down to public hair. I have beyonce little armor plate muscle, curly hair. I wouldnt consider myself a hermaphrodite. I have a fully functional male penis with a females labia prestent. Im not sure if i was born into world this way or if i was surgically made this way. I just wanna be heard and answered. Is this true. If i have everything female prestent, wouldnt that make me a vergin with a birth defact. Thats like saying a male with breast or a female becuz they have breast. If i could bear a child, WOULDNT THAT MAKE ME FEMALE??? Aka please dont be angrey or start dislikeing beyonce. We all dont know the full story behind this. She going threw alot right now and she.needs her fans to support her , threw this. If anyone should be angrey it should be me. If the rumours are true. And if they are, i wouldnt hate her. I still love u even if your not my mother.

  13. @8:23

    Nikki's page was removed. The Knowles are covering up their tracks because they know that this will circulate around the internet.

    1. If she was in star search in 83 that would make her 9 at the time according to 1974 date, or 2 with the 1981 date. Shes way older than 2 and also older than 9. She was on star search in 93. She was definately older than 9 but not 19.

  14. I don't like beyonce because of all of her stealing other peoples work...but I DON'T believe this BS about Solange being Beyonce daughter.

  15. @ 8:23

    You know what, I believed that. The pic at the top looks doctored to me by the way. Ive always thought when dc first came out Beyonce looked like she had a kid before. Then she got all this surgery to correct her birth stomach. Then a blog did an interview with Beyonce's ex-boyfriend, Lyndell. They asked him if he had gotten Beyonce pregnant and did she get an abortion. He replied that he wasn't aware of any abortion. Maybe Lyndell is Solange's father. Its something really off with the Knowles family.Kelly looks more like Matthew then his own supposed daughters. One day the truth about this family will come out and Beyonce will have nothing to hide behind.

  16. I know how people look after they had a child. We all can spot the difference. I have family member who had children at a very young age (half of us on this blog can agree to this). When Beyonce first came out, everything sagged on her body. My first thought was that she had a baby. It didn't add up. She was suppose to be so young but her body told a different story. While she with Destiny's Child, she had many surgeries to fix her body.

    Did you hear about this story:

    A mob thug accused of knifing singer Jay Z and Beyonce's favourite pizza chef, claimed today he did it self defence and showed a judge his own stab wounds.

    Read more:

    Jay-Z and beyonce has a past and why do they keep hiring the wrong people?

  17. So, Jay-Z, music mogul, hip-hop king and husband of Beyoncé Knowles, has a lifestyle blog. It's called Seriously. Pop-culture commentators are surmising that he's been influenced by his friend and one-time protégé Kanye West, who has so far embraced social media the way a drowning man embraces a million-dollar yacht that's sailing off the coast of Capri.

    But there is another, blonder element in this equation, because Jay-Z is also mates with Chris Martin, who is of course married to Gwyneth Paltrow, queen bee of the lifestyle blog. Her own,, began almost three years ago and continues to bloom despite the haters. (See that? I could've said "detractors" but I used the more urban "haters" in order to display my sizzling street cred. Oh, I am down with Jay-Z! Have been ever since he ... started dating Beyoncé.)

  18. Mr. Carter (a.k.a. Jay-Z), has launched a super cool website canvassing everything that's piquing his interest in the worlds of art, music, technology, design, sports, leisure, and style. I caught up with Jay and asked him about the impetus for starting it, including, among other things, what it's like to be the coolest man on Earth.


  19. You all have me researching lol. Check out this picture of Girl Tyme.
    Old picture i found in the desinys child auto biography book they kind of look older like 13 or 14 but i know the group girls tyme started in 1990 ended in like 1993 but in another picture i saw of them they looked like 10 or 9 this is probably the last picture they took together im guessing (the pic was actually in black&white i think the colors they are wearing are orange green an maybe some other color)


    Just wanted to throw this pic out there!

    1. I saw the pic was removed too re: the Girl Tyme group on this blogspot, so Beyonce' must have something to hide re: her true older age. Also she's also always been more mature than the other Destiny's Child girls. Not sure if I believe she's her own sister's mother, but I've never felt that Matthew Knowles is really her father. However, I do feel that Beyonce' has a different father than Solange and it's all been covered up. All I can say that "The Truth Shall Come Into The Light."


    In that picture everyone is rocking a late 80's early 90's hairstyle. I know because i grew up in this era.

  21. They had to take this picture near the end of junior high school (8th grade).

    If it's not true, who go through great lengths to keep that part of your life private?

  22. I research Girl Time and I seen the video when it says Beyonce is age 12.

    Then on Star search Legacy it states An early incarnation of Destiny's Child, known by the name Girl's Tyme, appeared on Star Search as a rapping girl group in 1992. The group was put together by Beyonce's father Matthew Knowles. All of the girls were ages 10 or 11 at the time. It would be 6 more years before the group had involved into Destiny's Child and began hitting t pop charts.

    Keke White was almost member of Girl tyme; I know she has to be on her 30's.

  23. not srprising for s in the tea anyway. now where is janet with that spanish looking daughter she had as a teenager?

  24. the little girl in the pic isn't solange its probably another cousins of beys because solange is her kid. the truth about celebs is coming out i guess the illuminati is about to dropp bey paded azz. wait until ppls find out about how many black celebs in hollyweird like halle "crazy" berry are lying about being half white to get more movies roles and 'advance' their careers by trying to associate with white america for marketing. tina knowsless isn't a creole but just a common light skin black who had many surgeries to alter her apprearance along with beyawnce.

    1. Meagan Good is doing this by claiming that her grandmother is Jewish!

  25. ^^^^
    wow!!! i didnt even know about tina!! what a lying bitch she is!!! I certainly believe that bullshit!!!
    these people knocks me sick... can someone please tell me who is REAL in hollywood!!!

  26. Look at the neck line on the little girl that suppose to be Solange. The picture is so doctored.

    The girl look like a mixture between Kelly Rowland and Solange but that's not the right head on the body.

    The body looks to be around 3 and the head looks to be around 6 years old.

  27. I don't believe this crock of shit one bit. As much as I love to hate on Bey and her overratedness, I do not believe one minute that she is Solange's mother, that is just crazy! There are clearly pics of them when they were children, including video footage of them as small children, so when did Bey have her, when she was 4? Give me a damn break! Also, Solange looks just like Matthew and Bey looks like her mother, so what is the big deal with this ridiculous story? Regardless of pics, there is also video footage where Solange was seen being yelled at by Matthew while Beyonce was performing in their home and she was no more than 5 yrs. old, so stop it! Everything else about Bey I can somewhat believe, but this by far has to be the worse story ever told.

  28. Well, I don't think Solange is Yodel's daughter, but I do think that the child Ty "had" is. I also think that this picture is a good example of someone who has magically gotten light as heck recently, when they were originally golden brown.

    I do believe that Ben Vereen is Usher's dad though. They are a spitting image of one another.

  29. Beyondwack was a pretty little girl! At what point did her hermaphrodite (allegedly) condition kick in.

  30. Solange looks nothing like Matthew. Let me break this down for you.

    Daniel Smith is Beyonce's biological brother.
    Matthew is Beyonce's stepfather.
    Beyonce's biological father has several children.

    Solange is not Tina's biological daughter. The Tina and Matthew reunion is for Hollywood that it.

    Matthew had a baby boy by Angela Beyince's biological mother. Don't worry because Tina and Matthew are not related. Whew.

    Beyonce's biological father is related to Matthew and Solange biological mother is related to Tina.

    They stay away from the hollywood scene like Kelly Rowland's mother. There is a pool of singers who breed Hollywood singers. This family is apart of the pool.

    Daniel Smith will become a manager like Matthew to managed his son's career.

  31. Look at this youtube video of beyonce. They have pictures of her when she first came home from the hospital. She was born in 1974.

  32. Aaliyah on Star Search in 1990

    Girls Tyme on Star Search

    Ed McMahon hosted the original version of the talent show Star Search from 1983 to 1995.

    Notable competitors on Star Search
    Aaliyah, 1988 (Singer, Actress)
    Adam Sandler (Comedian)
    Alanis Morissette, 1988 (Singer)
    Alisan Porter, 1987 (Junior Vocalist)
    Anna Maria Perez de Tagle
    Ashley Argota, 2003
    Beth Hart, 1993 (Female Vocalist winner)
    Beyoncé (Female Singer)
    Bianca Ryan, 2004 (Singer)
    Bill Engvall (Comedian)

    Aaliyah appeared on Star Search in 1988. How come they will not list the year Beyonce appeared on Star Search? Someone is getting paid to hide their dirty secrets.

    1. Aaliyah, 1989 (Female Vocalist)
      Aimee Cain, 1986 (Spokesmodel)
      Adam Sandler (Comedy)
      Alanis Morissette, 1988 (Female Vocalist)
      Alisan Porter, 1987 (Junior Vocalist)
      Anna Maria Perez de Tagle
      Ashley Argota, 2003
      Ben Bailey, 2003 (Comedy)
      Beyoncé, 1993 (Female Vocalist)
      Bianca Ryan, 2004 (Female Vocalist)
      Bill Engvall (Comedy)
      Billy Dean
      Brad Garrett, 1984 (Comedy)
      Britney Spears, 1992 (Female Vocalist)

      You obviously erased the year next to Beyonce's name because what I posted is EXACTLY how it is on Wikipedia.

  33. Britney Spears, 1992 (Singer)
    Destiny's Child, 1991 (Singers as Girls Tyme)

    A year after they formed their group, they are were Star Search. Really?

  34. If Aaliyah and Beyonce are suppose to be around the same age and grew up in the industry around the same time, it doesn't add up.

  35. Beyonce and Solange had surgery so both can look more like each other.

  36. Now that's a fact @ whoever posted April 25, 2011 12:28 PM

  37. Any UPDATES on this blog?

  38. I understand that you used to work for columbia and all the shit and you CLAIM that you heard some of this shit from one of her relatives, but my question is this..... WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CARE?? I mean really, why the fuck do any of you care so much about a person that you guys don't even fucking personally know? Most of you are just going on what you've read or what you've HEARD. I could give 2 shits about where she comes from, her age, and all the other bullshit you posted. I mean seriously, is it really that serious? I JUST LOVE HER FUCKING MUSIC!!!!!!

  39. @11:56 Because we can what the flying fuck are you going to do about it. Atleast we have a brain to think and use instead of believing the Knowles endless lies. Why in the fuck are you worry about what other people think on this blog? Yet you trust a liar name Beyonce who lies about writing songs,taking credit for other people work. Your entire post is completely bullshit.

    1. Is it true that she steals other people's stuff??? How does she do that, is she ever sued or does she get away with it?

    2. Yes Judiciary reports have plenty of stories of beyonce stealing stuff.

  40. Beyonce Knowles was born in 1974.
    Kelly Rowland was born in 1973.
    Michelle was born in 1972.

    Solange was born in 1988. She was 15 when she had that shotgun wedding overseas. She has aged even more horribly than Beyonce due to her drug infused lifestyle.

    Solange is Lyndell's baby.

  41. And dont forget NICKI MINAJ and beyonces older daughter she had by duke ellington smh

  42. I meant NICKI is beyonces oldest daughter and her real name is BONIKA MAKNOWLES SMH

  43. @ Anon on December 3 WoW!!!! The name Bonika Ma Knowles looks pretty damn familiar. Hollyweird is a mess.

  44. You ppl r SADD why erbody hating on B I mean if solange is her daughter who really cares,,,,, I mean they got CAKE FUCKKKK wat erbdy talking bout I mean You ppl commenting and saying this and that aint noby BALLING like them....... AHHH funni how MUTHAFUCKAS wanna hate on that BEATIFUL girl shame on you fokes.. GET yo money up and GET off Bs DICK she happy they happi so WHO THE FUCK CARES....!!!! im human i mean i got secrets and i know erbody thats commenting do too.. so FUCK OFF dogg

  45. @6:39 Learn how to type first and foremost. Beyonce is the biggest hater. So do not come on this blog typing out your ass to defend Beyonce. The Knowles created a fake image for theif family as if they were perfect and flawless. So if you want to be mad at somebody be mad at them. Dumbass. You are a bird brain bitch to co sign everything that Beyonce does, Getting all emotional of people who does not give a flying fuck about you.

  46. when i started learning about what jayz was up to, i thought that beyonce was dumb and naive. then when i saw her interview on an australian tv and her alleged pregnancy belly flopped like a balloon i realised she is just a fake arse bitch. now their baby is born. why did they have to shut an entire hospital for this girl to be born? to have to surrogate mother to give birth. God have mercy of this little girl...

  47. ^ It's a sad situation to bring a child into this world under so many lies.

    Why are they ashamed to admit that they hired a surrogate to give birth to their first child?

    Why go through great length to fake and hide the pregnancy?

    I'm going to pray that they don't murder the surrogate who actually carried their child for 9 months and risk her body in the process.

    It's really sad that doctors had to make plans around the birth of their child and visitors were told that they couldn't visit their loved ones on the date that beyonce's surrogate gave birth.

    This is just awful on so many levels.

    They will sell this child image to the highest bidder.

    Pray that the surrogate makes it out of this situation unharmed.

  48. lol..beyonce id definitely older than she claims..their whole family is odd and why do they bully kelly?

  49. because kelly is dark skin. they have history of treating the skin family members better than the darker ones.

    Matthew gets a pass because of several undisclosed reasons

  50. this is crap!!! the nikki taylor you are looking up is NOT the one from girls tyme!!! she is a model and the nikki taylor from girls tyme is a different person!! do more research before bringing up these accusations.

  51. Ive found this out last year but if u put this all together wat do ya get.there was a pic of bee at 14 and she was.preganant wit a black shirt and jeans on.she just cant be real about things.talkin bout how she real well a real fuckin women wouldnt lie about shit.toya had a baby by wayne at 14 and she didnt have to lie.

  52. THERE IS NO WAY SHE WAS ON STAR SEARCH IN THE 80s.. Girl's Time has lyrics which mention ABC and Boys II Men.. B2M didn't come out until 1991,, They even got their swag..She can't be lying about her age..

  53. I just ran across this blog while I was randomly searching for something else. I have to say, it is pretty ridiculous. I was born in 1980, and went to HSPVA for High School. Beyonce and I were in school together for the one year she was there before she left and Destiny's Child became famous. She was in a lower grade than I was, and definitely younger.

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  61. Hey, I'm a Pre Law student and am Managing Milford Wades (the Rap artist) career. I admire the good in people and see God correcting their flaws. Beyonce's name has no business in my mouth, I Pray we all become who we need to to better our world...God Speed...Wilbur. P.S. I'm 28 years old and that's a fact..LOL

  62. well i love beyonce,i think that some people r to dam nosie they need to get a life n there own bussiness.all of this is bullshit.y give a shit wat someone do with there life its not u..these r people lives n some people just dont give a shit.i just have one thing to say beyonce do wat u do fuck wat peopl say they going talk anyway n im tellin yea..i think ur the best fucking female singer they have n im a number one fan.fuck all yall n wat yall half to say about beyonce.......

  63. yall sitting hear talking about beyonce she got it made she living her life yall must not have shit to hate bc call it wat u want that what it is...

  64. Omg..people try anything to knock someone else's success. Damn get yo life lames!!! I'm from Houston and I have relatives who went to school with Beyoncé and Solange. THEY ARE SISTERS IDIOTS@!! We have been following Destiny's Child since they did free concerts at Funday at the Park on Sundays. My goodness..Let that lady enjoy her riches and yall go get some....

  65. IF I had a relative that I caught in a lie or stole something I would be pissed, what makes how I think about a stranger different. I bought that broads music and loved her from the first time she hit the stage, I don't hate her but I am disappointed. I do research on everything, I don't take anything people say seriously because it is human nature to be on bs, but I am pretty sure this woman is a liar. She is lying about her age for one. I have a birthday a day after hers and I am 40, virgos age well and I look way younger than my age, me and Beyonce look about the same age. I know when I was listening to her when I was younger she was not 19, I didn't know then how old she was and assumed she was around my age. When I heard she is 31 I knew that had to be wrong. That was just by my calculations until I saw further proof with all those pics posted across the net of old home movies with no date or time stamp, on top of that if you line them all up there is not smooth transition from one age to the other. I have four girls the oldest is 18 the youngest 9 and the ages they have for her pics makes no sense, they have one when she's 8 short and chubby and looks younger than one they have when she is seven, tall and skinny with her father. The second thing is that I belive she could have had a child at fifteen. I too saw the pic where she was obviously pregnant, but not only that my mother was 15 when she had me, when I made 21 she looked like my sister and claimed she was on top of it, no one ever questioned it because she looked young to have a daughter my age. Third I believe she worships the devil because actions speak louder than words, a person can say anything the truth is in what they do, we can all see she sells sex, and has a love for symbols and hand signs, she came out to defend the baby bump (whick was fake, I have six kids in all, never could bend forward with a stomach like that) many times but never once said she didn't worship the devil, saying she believes in God doesn't count beczuse everyone serves one God or another, never heard anything about Jesus come out her mouth. She is no kind of role model to no one but young girls with no direction that would take a bullit for her if the needed too. It's sad and I feel sorry for her followers. At the end of the day it doesn't phase me one way or the other, just a psychology student so this is sort of homework for me, it's interesting to me how so many can blindy be lead to hell without having enough love for themselves to seek the real truth about who your worshiping. I thank a lot of her stans in advance because it will be either them or their children i will be servicing in the near future in my career because they are crazy as hell and will no doubt pass it to their offspring. Pitiful

  66. i checked, and ed mcmahon stayed with star search til it was done in 1995. so that is erroneous information. but the shit about the victory tour adds up.

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  70. All of the evidence I see presented here is purposely false or hearsay. "Someone's cousin" at "someone's shower". Niki Taylor, the model, was born in 1975, not Nikki Taylor, Girls Tyme. I saw the Star Search video, they looked like pre-teens and Ed McMahon was with Star Search until 1995. Hip hop became popular early 90's, who are you kidding with 1980's?! The Michael Jackson concert she was at was in 1988! And the girls did NOT pass for teenagers. This was a somewhat entertaining read but a load of bunk.

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  150. Wow it looks like Beyonce and team found this and now are flooding it with spam messages. pathetic. everybody can see you are old, older than what you claim.

  151. AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wayment!?!?! Is this real life? I absolutely REFUSE to believe my Black people are this mf ignorant. There can NOT be this many illiterate Black women on ONE site. It's like the SAME person is posting belligerent rants worded... incorrectly I might add.. slightly different each time.

    Nope. Not believing it. Nope.

  152. simply put why does any of it matter. I hope people understand that many entertainers fabricate parts of their personal story. This is not new concept.

  153. anybody who believes this is so fucking stupid. Beyonce in that picture looks like 12 or 13 and Solange looks like 5 or 6. Also there is video of her performing at star search in 1993, and Ed Mcmahon was host in the early 90's. Some of the girls were much older than her in the video. And she looked very short in the video. So unless she had a growth spurt at age 21, which doesn't happen to women.

  154. Anyone who believes this is just stupid and so ignorant. Beyonce is not Solange's mother and Beyonce is not lying about her age. Beyonce is 32 going to be 33 in September. Solange is 28 (born on June 24, 1986). They are 5 years apart. They even look 5 years apart in this pic. Solange looks 4 and Bey looks 9. So your practically saying that Beyonce was having sex at 4 years old and had a baby before she turned 5. How inaccurate is that and how ignorant you all are if you believe this stuff. Beyonce was still a baby herself when Solange was born and babies don't have sex. She wouldn't even know what sex was. If your calling Beyonce a liar than your also calling Kelly Rowland a liar also. Because Beyonce and Kelly are the same age. Kelly and Beyonce are just about 7 months apart. Kelly is 33 (born on February 11, 1981) and Beyonce is 32 going be 33 in September (born on September 4, 1981). They grew up together and have known each other since they were like babies. So if your calling Beyonce a liar then you're also calling Kelly Rowland a liar also. You all who believes this are stupid and should go on with your lives because the only ones who are lying on this page are yourselves.

    1. Leave Beyonce and her family alone.mind ur own business busy bodies

  155. Ed McMan was a host on Star Search until 1995

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